Windows 10 saves more power

aggressively, thanks to a recent Windows Update.  The idea is to save power by turning off devices after a period of inactivity.

As a consequence, it became necessary to repurpose all of that saved power, and more, to discover why my Acronis True Image backups had begun to fail.  Reason given:  can’t find the backup location, which in my case is an external hard drive.  Helpful tips:  make sure it’s plugged in, turned on, connected, has space, isn’t corrupted – the usual shtick, and yes, it’s all that.

After trying various steps in various sequences and listening to the drive, I found that Windows 10 was putting the drive to sleep in advance of failed backups.  Wake up the drive but give it nothing to do for a few seconds and Windows 10 immediately puts it back to sleep – not helpful when Acronis spends about a minute calculating space requirements.  Windows knows the device is there, but either it’s not telling anybody else about it, or no one’s asking.

This scenario suggested two options:  either disable power saving, thus increasing waste and wear, or push some actual I/O to the drive via Windows to restart the sleep timer (10 minutes I think).  After consuming a great deal more of that saved power, I posted two working solutions here:

Suffer no more.

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