I own Lauver SystemsSM, an independent small business providing mobile computer services and training to private individuals and small businesses.  Established in Durango Colorado in 2007, we moved to Edwardsburg Michigan in 2010.

Prismatica is my first experiment with WordPress.  You’ll see an occasional back-link to my web site when relevant; but I want to make it open to visitors’ questions about any life enhancing topic, whether it’s technology, personal observations and discoveries, or just a reason to get up in the morning.

Along with its positive potential, this also means:  keep it clean, be nice, no spamming, no grunge, no theft – per the WordPress Terms of Service.  I’ll understand the occasional off-color word if you’re feeling passionate, as long as they’re not your entire vocabulary.

My spam filter may prevent your comment from appearing immediately.  Stuff written by trolls or spam zombies will not see the light of day, but I do approve comments which I think were classified as spam by mistake.

This blog is public.  Please do not post secrets such as financial data, e-mail address, physical address, telephone number – you should know the drill by now – or anything else which could compromise your security.

2018/12/24 Update
I just noticed (yes, I’m slow, and I don’t often post) that WordPress is inserting cheesy advertisements into my blog pages as a penalty for using a free account. None of those ads are mine, and I do not endorse those companies.

Fajada Peak - Chaco Culture Area, New Mexico

Thanks for reading,


Fajada Peak
Chaco Culture Area
New Mexico
© 2005 Greg Lauver

last minute gifts for the spammer who has everything

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