In nocturnal silence, flowing fog,

Green Fusion

breath of the land itself, thick with scents of leaves, blossoms, and bark, enshrouds a menagerie of flora and fauna and ascends a heavy wet sky of pale slate.

Impossibly green,

Cathedral of Peace

except the riot of colors in Fall,

the white of Winter,

and the earthen tones of clouds split by lightning.

A primeval forest.

Mossy Throne

Beneath each tree, leaf, and rock

are life forms unique in the cosmos;

but there are no more wolverines.

In Colorado,

Secluded Dell

I had just completed an intense net-working drive which put my business on page 1 of Google local search results, when my mom called.


Lavendar Star

“I’m tired.

I need you here.”

So I tabled it all,

Maple Flames

loaded my life and savings into an aging motor coach,

and rode mountains, plains, and valleys on a wing and a prayer for 1800 miles.

Right now,

Diamond Lake

I’m updating 70 online accounts, insurance, licenses, the usual stuff, and taking care of Mom.

It’s all good.


River Bouquet

I’m here,

in Michigan.




the Hotel Paper Wasp

Paper wasp archi-texture





Magnificent Magnolia

Magnificent Magnolia


Princess Violet

Princess Violet


Pure Gold

Pure Gold


Photos © 2010-2011 Greg Lauver, LauverSystems.com


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