Orbs & Wisps

I played with my camera one foggy fall night, just to see what settings would capture anything in the dark, and ended up with several pictures of orbs and something I’ll call “wisps”. This one with large orbs is the clearest. It’s best seen if you look at your screen from an angle.

20100923 Orbs 018


Here is one bright orb and a wisp. The fog that night was very uniform, there was no wind, and it was too warm to see one’s breath.

20100923 Wisp+Orbs 001


Next was a thick but gentle morning snowfall. The air was clear and windless. I took several pictures in quick succession, three of which captured a wisp. A first it seems concentrated in one place, then zips around, even circling a tree branch beyond the roof overhang, and finally goes “poof” and disappears. The wisp did not appear in pictures before and after this sequence.

20101011 Wisp 002 discovery


20101011 Wisp 003 excitement


20101011 Wisp 004 disappearance


None of the orbs or wisps were visible to the eye. The only alteration to these images was resizing and compression by WordPress during upload.


Photos © 2010 Greg Lauver, LauverSystems.com

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